nua new arts and contemporary research
the cultural association nua was established in san marino in 2003.

nua includes among its members artists from various countries working in visual arts, performances, theatre, music, architecture, new media and multi-disciplinary projects, as well as cultural operators and researchers interested in the economy of culture.
the nua’s main objective is to assess the feasibility of establishing an international contemporary arts centre in san marino.

in this framework, a number of research projects, workshops and meetings, have already been carried out, including:
• a production centre for contemporary arts in san marino by karen venturini, awarded by the foundation fitzcarraldo, turin;
searching for a land of freedom and corridoio neum, 
2 documentary films between san marino and sarajevo, 2001/2005;
small states on un-certain stereotypes 
a research project involving artists from the small states of europe 2004/2010;
going beyond the countries’ art
, first meeting with the artists and the main public and private institutions from the small states of europe, 2005.
* a natural oasis, first art summer school dedicated to the artists of little constellation network in montegiardino, republic of san marino, 2014
* listen to the sirens, first space for contemporary art in gibraltar (uk) conceived and curated by little constellation network, 2014-2015
* roberto daolio art prize, accademia di belle arti, bologna, 2014
* are there geograpies? lecture at triennale di milano, 2014
* katalogos, summer school (part 2) viafarini, fabbrica del vapore, milan, 2014

the exhibitions:
piccolo stato, galleria neon campobase bologna, 2009
• little constellation, sala delle colonne, careof docva, fabbrica del vapore, milan, 2010
geography of proximity, malta contemporary art, la valletta, malta, 2010
* brown project space, milan, 2011
the land seen from the sea, museo d’arte contemporanea di villa croce, genoa, 2012
* subjective maps - disappearances, national gallery of iceland, reykjavik, 2013
* ti’tano, teatro titano, san marino, 2013
* listen to the sirens – space for contemporary arts, gibraltar (uk) exhibitions program 2014-2015

little constellation, is a web site, and an international network of contemporary art, with a specific focus on contemporary art in geo-cultural micro-areas and small states of europe.

nua is based in san marino at the little constellation - library archive, inaugrated in 2011; a 70 sq. m. office, where the association keeps an archive dedicated to contemporary artists and art institutions of the small countries of europe (currently more than 700 books and art catalogues, 70 dvds and other documents) and contemporary arts in general.

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