aproached view of the new’s kit

performance and installation
photo and montage by beate frommelt
size of the 10 new’s series: 10cmX10cm 

from bbkl-labor, the kunstmuseum
liechtenstein. vaduz

mini news represents on the first person the necessity of showing the mediatic insignificance of the leaders from representatives small country in relation to the big ones. as a citizen of one of these small countries and crossing many times the border of the scales in between “big” and “small”, i wanted to purchase this idea going throw the feeling of aproaching of what will be if i was the president from a small state who visiting another small state..…utopia? I did. I appropriated falsely the ambassador’s caracther. then, the days were passed visiting the institutions, inaugurating places, speeches, interviews .... all tipical governamental actions. all this was published on the local newspapers, which in turn was no longer important once they were printed. they became something insignificant, small, tiny.