I caught a vampire in sweden

theatre installation

A theatre installation made for the festival The Lights of the North.
The festival was a part of the Reykjavik Cultural Capital 2000. The theme of the festival was light. I decided to deal with the opposite, that is darkness, and the creatures of the dark who cannot withstand the light. I imported a Swedish vampire that I had for show in a special cage I build in a lorry. The lorry was situated by the harbour of Reykjavik. Every night during the festival I opened up one side of the lorry and the creature was for show. The vampire charmed the men and scared the kids. This took place in November and it was very cold so people would come with their kids dressed in warm clothes. One night it was exceptionally cold. That night people did not bother to get out of their cars but drove around the cage as if it was a drive-in joint or an old fashioned car-cinema.