Listening to a Landscape
Multimedia Installation
300x800x250 cm

see the video

Listening to a Landscape was born as a scenography for a musical composition and it was formerly created for my final project of the MA Scenography [Dance] at Trinity Laban in which I graduated in the December 2009. The project included a dissertation about the connections between visual art and music with a particular emphasis on the correspondence between Ambient Music and post -industrial landscapes. With this multimedia installation I created an immersive atmosphere through the use of music, moving images, light and perfume. It is a study in the possibilities of music and sound, which have been my primary sources in creating the installation. My focus was on giving a visual interpretation of a musical composition creating an ambience in which every compositional element stems from the sound. The authors of the music are Pendle Coven, a duo formed by the British musicians Miles Whittaker and Gery Howell. During my research I closely analysed their music, establishing an artistic dialogue with Miles Whittaker who re-arranged the musical composition for the installation.