“Green Line”

The ‘Green Line’ term refers to the cease-fire line and to a de facto border, which was first
established by a commander of a peace force in 1963, after the bi-communal tension between
Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Until 2003, when crossing the line was prohibited, the
term was associated with the “forbidden”. The proposed work speculates the relation of the
forbidden and the ironic. The physical act of walking/crossing and responding subconsciously
to the Green Light is sarcastically juxtaposed with the paradox of the term ‘Green Line’. While
the ‘Green Line’ becomes a host of traditionally opposing national identities, where the
visitors/voyeurs of either side become the others and never the selves.

Description: An installation of 30 interconnected traffic lights placed in a row. A motion sensor
is activated as the audience approaches the piece switching the color from the initial green to