subjective maps / disappearances

little constellation and
national gallery of iceland

edition mousse publishing

motto distribution

size 30 x 21 cm
foliation 350 pages
cover with 350 g
no. 36 special pages in colour green / yellow
free poster inside
print run 700 copies
code EAN: 9788867490615
ediz. english
price € 25,00

The exhibition project of the network Little Constellation - Contemporary Art in micro-geo-cultural areas and the small states of Europe, starts with the idea of building an open and plural device capable of recounting the different identities that characterize the real patrimony of artistic and cultural contributions in the Little Constellation network.
The artists invited to participate in the exhibition for the National Gallery of Iceland, are therefore invited to create a Bookwork, Fanzine as a means of storytelling, visual and narrative, of their personal identity, but also in relation to the socio-cultural context in which they operate.
An invitation to artists from Little Constellation, in order to develop an immediate and highly visible work, which will express the different cultures of origin of the individual artists, but also the individual subjectivity of each.

Bookworks and Fanzines by: Daniel Arellano Mesina, Eve Ariza, Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson, Katerina Attalidou, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Justine Blau, Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro, Dustin Cauchi, Jòhan Martin Christiansen, Nina Danino, Oppy De Bernardo, Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir, Doris Drescher, Barbara Geyer, Helena Guardia, Unn Joensen, Irena Lagator, Victoria Leonidou, Simon Le RueIngibjörg Magnadóttir, Mark Mangion, Lorella Mussoni & Pier Giorgio Albani, Teodora Nikcević, Minna Öberg, Bjargey Olafsdóttir, María Pétursdóttir, Pierre Portelli, Agnès Roux, Eric Snell, Miki Tallone, Jelena Tomašević, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Natalija Vujošević, Martin Walch,Trixi Weis

Texts by Halldór Björn Runólfsson, Alessandro Castiglioni, Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro

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