little constellation
a view on contemporary art in geo-
cultural micro-areas and small states
of europe

published by mousse

size 24 x 17 cm
foliation 312 pages
cover with 350 g 5-colour printed matte coated paper flaps
no. 240 colour full-page images
print run 2,500 copies
code EAN: 9788896501078
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relesed 8 march 2010

presentation 26 march at miart 2010

Contemporary Art in Little Constellations

How is the practice of making art experienced today in certain geocultural micro-areas and small states of Europe? “Little Constellation” began in 2004 as a research project focused on contemporary art, but not with the attempt to answer this question by finding a label that could be attached to “small states”, or to provide a full, systematic picture of the art that can be found today in Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta,Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino and in other significant cultural micro-areas such as Canton Ticino, Ceuta, Gibraltar or Kaliningrad.
Instead, the project has developed and taken shape through the story of many different relationships, ideas, experiences via the diffusion of information, placed in a continuous current that generates possibilities for interaction, and as a device shared by artists, curators, institutional representatives from museums, centers, and research collectives, to stimulate proposals and the development of a
platform of knowledge focused on contemporary artistic practice in these countries, within the sphere of the international artistic debate.
This book collects and illustrates the main steps in this journey, which from 2004 to 2010—through texts, images, video interviews, meetings, workshops, a website and exhibitions—not only offers a connection between the relational potential and autopoietic observation that characterize countries of particular geocultural complexity, but also brings together, for the first time, the theoretic and critical contributions that have come out of the contact between the works, ideas, and evolving thoughts of the people who encountered each other along the way.

Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro
(text from the book)