you live and you fight...the enemy is lurking... will I win?

lorella mussoni
& pier giorgio albani

test match
bologna rugby 1928 and san marino rugby
may 26 / 2012, from 7 p.m.
bologna stadium arcoveggio, italy

Rugby is a work of art
A dialogue between Contemporary Art and the universal language of Rugby as a way of talking about Multiple Sclerosis.

The test match between Rugby Bologna 1928 and San Marino Rugby Club, on Saturday 26 May in Bologna, will be not just a sporting event but a work of art, an art project created by two French-San Marino artists: Lorella Mussoni & Pier Giorgio Albani.

With the project We live and fight, the enemy is lurking ... Will I win? Lorella Mussoni, who for years has been fighting Multiple Sclerosis, forcefully directs attention to the centrality of the relation between individual and social space, against all forms of limitation that the illness imposes. On this particular occasion, using the synergy between the language of art and the sporting language of rugby, she seeks to draw attention to the current debate and the scientific contrasts between the various therapies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis in order to spur a process of reconciliation for experiments aimed at their unification. Rugby has a special feature compared to other sports, because the game envisages a “Third Half”. this is not just a traditional post-match meeting between the players of both teams, but is intended as a friendly occasion, a period of socialization between the players often with the participation of friends, families and supporters. A place where the distance between the competing sides is effaced, making way for a lively and mutual friendliness. Through the Third Half, and not just metaphorically, the players pass from the clash to the art of encounter, from struggle to integration.
“It may sound like a provocation, but everyone reacts differently to art. A democratic society needs free speech and freedom of art and the purpose of art includes breaking taboos ...”
The event will be preceded by a presentation/press conference to be held on the same day at 11.00 am in the Press Room of Bologna City Hall, with a greeting from the Mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola and participation by the art critic Roberto Daolio, professor of the Anthropology of Art – Cultural Anthropology at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, and the curator Alessandro Castiglioni, who will present the artwork and offer insights into the poetic aspects of the work of the two artists.
The challenge on the field will be a competition for the 1st Carlo Zaccanti International Rugby Trophy, which in addition to commemorating the former president of Rugby Bologna, seeks to establish the twinning between the two teams: it was thanks to the hospitality granted to athletes from San Marino in 2004 and 2005 by Rugby Bologna that the San Marino Rugby Club was able to grow technically and realize its dream of joining the grand family of rugby played.
The event will take place at the Arcoveggio Stadium in Bologna, at Via di Corticella 180/4, starting at 6.30 p.m. (with the kick off at 7 p.m.). Before the kick off, there will be the presentation of the teams and the twinning ceremony between the two clubs. At the end of the match, the Carlo Zaccanti trophy will be awarded to the winning team, with the performance curated by the artists Lorella Mussoni & Pier Giorgio Albani, followed by the Third Half, the time when rugby and art will merge into a single body to support the dialogue between those engaged in the search for therapies for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.


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