roaming / riposizionamenti

fabbrica rosa ex archivio szeemann
sunday 2nd february, 2014

from 3 pm to 4 pm
maggia, locarno

Pier Paolo Coro e Rita Canarezza, Ermanno Cristini, Hanna Hildebrand, Francesca Mangion, Giovanni Morbin, Andrea Nacciarriti, Giancarlo Norese, Una Szeemann, Margaretha Zelle

Video: Jacopo Rinaldi
Curated by: Alessandro Castiglioni

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Repositioning is a transitory act . The last action will take place at the Rose Factory of Harald Szeemann in Maggia, Ticino, Switzerland.
A mythical place, with a very strong and symbolic value, it is not a commemoration of a moment dedicated to the memory or for the memory of one of the most important archives of contemporary art in the twentieth century. But first of all, is the attempt for a reposition, re-map of one space, that currently is  a hybrid size, and preserves the signs of the archive that it was. But at the same time, it is an empty space, waiting for his future use. Someone called it The Mind of Harald Szeemann and now in this Mind of the Factory, there are the tracks: the shelves yet assembled or disassembled, some publications, fragments of collections of magazines. A physical store, though absent: a particularly intriguing of the time, when the immediate prospect of the archive is the cloud.

The project, therefore is to devote for an hour, from 3 pm to 4 pm, Sunday 2nd February 2014, on wakeup, repositioning, but also to visit  this space by the audience, which is defined through its size and its identity. Performing a series of actions that independently from each other will take place simultaneously inside the space ( ... ) .

Alessandro Castiglioni e Ermanno Cristini

Fabbrica Rosa, ex Archivio Szeemann
Via Cantonale Vecchia,
Maggia, Locarno

web site photos by:
Diana Dorizzi, Miki Tallone, Luca Scarabelli
Pier Paolo Coro, Rita Canarezza