admiral point centre

viola conti

audio visual live set
june 27, 2014, h 9 pm.

paradiso, lugano
ticino, switzerland

curated by Rccardo Lisi
in collaboration with La Rada, Locarno 
and Laboratorio Ticino, ISA

Paradiso, piazza Boldini

friday, june 27, h 9 pm. 
until midnight
free admission

Weaving a constant dialogue between sound and image, Viola Conti explores the complex urban fabric of San Marino, recording the presence of innumerable industrial buildings that stand empty and abandoned. The artist describes her country throught absence and subtractions, goving a personal, poetic slant to the act of documentation.
A. Castiglioni, text from the volume Tiítano, Mousse Publishing, 2013.

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