a project by creative gibraltar

listen to the sirens
space for contemporary art

april 30th - 5th june 2015
opening: april 30th 2015, 6 pm

a project by Creative Gibraltar
curated by Alessandro Castiglioni,
Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro

Listen to the Sirens - Space for Contemporary Art
Montagu Bastion, Gibraltar - UK

promoted by
Ministry of Culture of the Government of Gibraltar

The aim of Kitchen is to curate a living, breathing workspace for young artists in Gibraltar, who face the problem of a lack of studio space to facilitate the exploration of their work.

The Listen to the Sirens Space for Contemporary Art, situated in the historic site of Gibraltar’s Montagu Bastion, will act as a blank canvas for an open call to young artists of every media. The exhibition will take the form of a communal studio space where the curation will occur concurrently and culminate in a final show of what has been achieved through this initiative. The run will also aim to include workshops and performances to bring young artists’ work out of the void and create an atmosphere of mutual learning, collaboration and appreciation.

Kitchen is a project by Creative Gibraltar (Patrizia Alessandra Imossi, Christopher Tavares, Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga).

Creative Gibraltar: Practices of Sharing and Restitution

“From 30 April to 5 June 2015, Listen to the Sirens will be entrusted, as a self-managed curatorial space, to the Creative Gibraltar collective. This project, called Kitchen (a space for experimenting and trying new recipes) strikes me as particularly important in the programming curated between 2014 and 2015, for two main reasons.

First of all because, after the Ambrose Avellano exhibition, this phase is devoted to a contemporary art project that was born locally and focuses on a generation of clearly emerging artists, who live and work in Gibraltar, with the full rights of cultural citizenship. In this respect, the hope is that Kitchen will become a matter of debate and inclusion and that certain authors, intellectuals, artists and creatives (such as Stefano Blanca Sciaccaluga, Christopher Tavares and Patrizia Imossi, to quote only a few) will be perceived on the social level as members of Gibraltar’s active cultural community, because, in fact, they are.

Secondly, I find the modes of work chosen significant and extremely contemporary. The idea is to build a platform open to all, transforming, at least for a month, an area with a strong curatorial vocation into something different: an artist-run space of experimentation and fast circuitry, horizontal, informal, based on practices self-education and direct dissemination of skills and experiences. A space dedicated to contemporary creativity that does not yet exist in Gibraltar, a specific space, connoted (visual arts, contemporaneity) for the first post-Internet generation.

Kitchen is first of all a broad program of activities, workshops, meetings and discussions. Then it is also what I have just written. It is an opportunity and a political action in the broadest sense of the term “political”: an act of resemanticizing and reconfiguring the sense of place”.

Alessandro Castiglioni