san marino paesaggi laterali

massimo salvucci

book presentation: december 21st 2018,
6.15 pm.

galleria nazionale san marino
republic of san marino

Landscape photography has been historically commissioned by the most forward-looking public institutions, to document the state of the national territory, mainly with a escriptive / cataloging intent. In Italy this dimension has often been linked to personalities or families (Alinari for all) who have joined the photographic profession with the passion of portraying the existing, assuring posterity of the images of their time.
Already in the evolution of these investigations on the contemporary territory, there is a progressive shift of interest from more monumental and institutional subjects, towards informal landscapes, more private and hidden, and far from a classical epic image of representation.
In this direction moves this new editorial project of the video maker and documentary filmmaker Massimo Salvucci, who lead us through a new, disenchanted and sometimes ironic - but also empathetic and involved representation - in which the images shows us the imperfections and the fragility of man’s places, in a world marked by his occupation.
This search for a possible poetics, within a parallel order with different aesthetic hierarchies, it’s an introverted minimalism that is also a refuge, the need for a new impossible virginity.
It takes from the disorder, suspending, to propose a sort of ready-made zeroing any hierarchies and privileges.
The Repubblic of San Marino with an inhabited area that has spread in a varied and articulated campaign, is a privileged habitat for situations ranging from temporary dry architectures with materials including waste, to conservative accumulations often managed with great care and generational repetitions. The current economic, social and urban reality, here as in other places with a redundant construction, forces many spaces for functional reconversion, if not abandonment, often creating new landscapes in these cases too.

The volume San Marino paesaggi laterali by Massimo Salvucci is published by Edizioni Bookstones, Rimini - Italy

Galleria Nazionale San Marino
Logge dei Volontari, Giardino dei Liburni
Città 47890, Centro Storico
Republic of San Marino