thought my body is caged, my imagination flies free

lorella mussoni
& pier giorgio albani

campo volo, faenza - italy
february 17 / 2010

special project conceived with nua for little constellation exhibition -  fabbrica del vapore, milan, 9 march 2010 with the support of the national multiple sclerosis association of Italy and san marino, and dompé farnaceutici, milan

The project that Lorella Mussoni and Pier Giorgio Albani created especially for Little Constellation exhibition tackles the theme of constraint on two separate but deeply connected levels. The sense of restriction that is often felt living in a small state is amplified here through the idea of a body marked as “different” by a special physical condition. Disability thus becomes a boundary to be overcome, like a customs point. “Though my body is caged, my imagination flies free” is the phrase the duo has written on a balloon that, with the support of the Multiple Sclerosis Associations of Italy and San Marino, will help the artist float lightly, far above earth.