geography of proximity
center for Icelandic art

curated by alessandro castiglioni, rita canarezza
& pier paolo coro

opening september 16th, 2010 reykjavÝk

Presentation of Little Constellation book, Mousse Publishing
by Alessandro Castiglioni, Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro

video works of:
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Oppy De Bernardo
Ingibj÷rg Magnadˇttir
Mark Mangion
Paradise Consumer Group
Pierre Portelli  

presentation with:
DorothÚe Kirch, Director of Center for Icelandic Art
Halldor Bjorg Runolfsson, Director of National Gallery of Iceland
Audur Edda, Head of Cultural Affairs

Opening September 16th, 2010 at 5,30 p.m.

CIA.IS Center for Icelandic Art
HafnarstrŠti 16, ReykjavÝk
T++354-562-72 62