Like flies to flesh, installation (textiles, plaster, paper), exhibited at Liberty Wharf (former abattoir)

Like flies to flesh was inspired by Geoges Bataille’s Visions of Excess. The installation explores the idea of the excessive body. The white suspended figures are like carcasses hung up and attracted to this display of flesh are paper white butterflies fluttering towards it like a swarm of flies to rotting meet.
Are these the eyes of the crown attracted by the imminent spectacle of torture? But why would these absurd eyes be attracted, like a cloud of flies by something so repugnant? (Georges Bataille, Visions of Excess).
The installation questions our desires, abjection, mortality. The flesh itself is uncontainable and
bleeds out onto the floor. The signs of life and beauty depicted through the white butterflies are
contrasted with the flesh reflecting ideas ideas of death and abjection. The harmonious pairing of
these different elements portray the body in all its excess.