The Room of Roses

installation (fibreglass, Sellotape, textiles)
from The Past Unravels
Jersey Museum, 2012

The Transformation is an interpretation of Jeanne Ginestet and her shift in female identity, as she becomes a mother and wife late in life. It also reflects the loss of loved ones she has suffered, showing the body as vulnerable. The butterflies depict the fragility of life and transformation in form and identity, from caterpillar to butterfly as they are re-born, yet remain fragile in their form. Through this chrysalis-like installation Jeanne is being re-born into a new identity, shaped by her former-self - her skin shedding away.

An interpretation of Anne Nicolle, who lived in the house. The corsage of Red Roses represent her political belief in The Rose Party (liberal party) that was a strong part of Jersey politics and opposed the conservative Laurel party. Her independent and dominant character is embodied in the room that she quite literally fills. Her pose is grounded and strong, her body spills out fluidly, resisting containment.