lecture - the land seen from the sea

Sparizioni (Disappearances)
Workshop by Alessandro Castiglioni, Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro

February 5, 2012
from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Museum for Contemporary Art, Villa Croce, Genoa

Participants: Francesca Balzan (Malta), Fabrizio Basso (Italy), Justine Blau (Lussemburgo), Rita Canarezza (San Marino), Alessandro Castiglioni (Italy), Pier Paolo Coro (San Marino), Nina Danino (Gibilterra), Hekla Dogg Jonsdottir (Islanda), Barbara Geyer (Liechtenstein), Ingibjorg Magnadóttir (Islanda), Mark Mangion (Malta), Viviana Milan (Italia), Giancarlo Norese (Italia), Umberto Cavenago (Italia), Pierre Portelli (Malta), Agnčs Roux (Monaco), Francesca Serrati (Italia), Sigurđur Atli Sigurđsson (Islanda), Paolo Tognozzi (Italia), Miki Tallone (Canton Ticino), Martin Walch (Liechtenstein).

The idea of “disappearance” transmitted and conceptualized by Halldor Bjorn Runolfsson, in the laboratory with Little Constellation held at the National Gallery of Iceland in November 2011, was conceived for the next exhibition of the network Little Constellation - Contemporary Art in the geo- cultural micro-areas and small states of Europe, which will open at the National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavik in May 2013.
This particular dynamic, very much present in Icelandic legends and mythology, as Pier Paolo Coro writes, “has always been the archetype of the need to be able to imagine and tell stories. Visible and invisible beings are concealed and liberated from the unconscious but at the same time belong to the depths of human experience.
These impressions and sensations are today even more aspects of a need to preserve forms of the imagination that in reality belong to us and enable us to revise the forms of the present.”
The workshop, held on February 5, 2012, at the Museum of Villa Croce in Genoa, focused on some of the principal axes from which to develop this research devoted to “disappearance”.

The first of these ideas is associated with a metaphorical connotation and related to a socio-political and economic condition of the idea of extinction. Today can a community, embedded in a context of international institutions, fear elimination? For an individual inserted in a social system, what does disappearing mean?
Together with this account, and starting from the suggestion of Vladimir Propp’s text “The Historical Roots of the Wonder Tale”, other fields of discussion were developed including:
- disappearance and the need for narrative, written or oral transmission, experience and history;
- the relationship between humanity and nature, through the allegory, for example, of the magical forest and the transfigured value of common objects;
- disappearance as movement and thus travel as a source of knowledge and the ship as an image of this route;
- the ties between disappearance and the affirmation of the existence of another metaphysical world;
- disappearance and nostalgia;
- disappearance and desire.
These traces are the starting points for the opening of a phase of discussion and debate with all the artists involved in the project, which will lead to the production of a series of new works specially conceived for this exhibition.

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