a reading sculpture

martina conti

thursday 13th september, 2012
weya 2012
lakeside arts center
nottingham (uk)

Catch Martina Conti as she indulges in time and space for reading, sharing this with the audience.
A Reading Sculpture is a performative action based on the interaction between the human body and the book. The project stems from the idea of creating a sculpture consisting of a group of people involved in the action of reading.

Participants use the time and space of the performance to read, reflecting a personal need of the artist to find a time and a space for reading. Reading books is an important action in the development of thought of individuals, an action undermined by a contamination of technology in everyday life. While technologic devices impose a way to interact with them, the book leaves the liberty of choosing how, when, where and what to read. Slowness and freedom are important thematic elements of this project; the first as opposite quality to the rhythms of today, while freedom as a form of discipline for one’s own independence.

Durational work throughout the day, running time approximately 90 minutes.
11am - 12:30pm, 2pm - 3:30pm and 3:40pm - 5pm.

Booking not required.

WEYA 2012
Lakeside Arts Center
Nottingham (UK)

Supported by the Secretary of State for Education and Culture - Social and Cultural Activities Office of the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with the International Association BJCEM.

Photo credits
© Davide Farabegoli