mediterranea 16

young artists biennial
errors allowed

little constellation

june 6th / july 7th, 2013
mole vanvitelliana, ancona, italy

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artists invited to
/tiítano/ little constellation - research workshop:
Daniel Arellano Mesina
Boryana Ivanova
Karen Le Roy Harris
Karin Ospelt
Simone Rastelli

artists participating to /tiítano/ little constellation
panel discussions and workshop:
Francesca Mangion
Ismini Chacholiadou
Paul Hage Boutros
Leontios Tompouris
Marina Kassianidou

artists invited to
/tiítano/ little constellation - new productions:
Sigurour Atli Sigurosson
Viola Conti
Dustin Cauchi and Paolo Tognozzi
Fedora Saura
Gibraltar Creative
Klaengur Gunnarsson
Anna Hilti
Teodora Nikcević
Michela Pozzi

Paolo Bartolini
Radio Rising Network

Workshop curated by Alessandro Castiglioni

Exhibition curated by: Charlotte Bank, Alessandro Castiglioni, Nadira Laggoune, Delphine Leccas, Slobodne Veze / Associazioni sciolti, Marco Trulli e Claudio Zecchi

From June 6 to July 7, 2013, the 16th Biennial of young artists, Mediterranea16, will be held in the city of Ancona. Since 1985 the multidisciplinary international event has been held every two years in a different city of the Mediterranean in order to foster a dialogue between cultures through art and encounters between young creators. San Marino has participated since 1992, through its Social and Cultural Activities Office, which is a partner and co-founder.

This is a particularly successful edition for the Republic of San Marino, which will present no fewer than 18 new productions by young people under 35, among the 250 artists selected in the various artistic disciplines.
The Republic of San Marino will be represented by: the cultural project Radio Rising Network by Paolo Bartolini; the visual arts work and dj-set Admiral Point Centre by Viola Conti; the visual arts installation Gente di confine by Michela Pozzi; and finally /tiítano/, a project by Little Constellation, the San Marino network for contemporary art, including the young citizen of San Marino Simone Rastelli, together with other young artists from the ten geo-cultural micro-areas of Europe.

The BJCEM Association, with its 74 member countries and partners from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, is the principal showcase for the creativity of young artists in the Mediterranean euro area.
This year, in order to ensure a higher quality of artists and works exhibited, an international team of young curators replaced the customary jury nominated at the national level for each BJCEM partner. Seven outstanding figures were appointed to select all artists: Charlotte Bank, Nadira Laggoune, Delphine Leccas, Slobodne Veze/Associazioni sciolti, Marco Trulli, Claudio Zecchi and Alessandro Castiglioni, the last-named being chosen by the Republic of San Marino.
This is a profound change that clearly reflects the concept of the 2013 Biennial: Errors Allowed. ďThe theme alludes to artistsí ability to reinterpret their role and creative spirit at a time when the points of reference have failed and the processes of creation need to be reinvented. It is time to experiment, to learn by trial and error and seek innovative solutions. A search that takes place with the mediation of territories, cultures, people and communities.Ē

Program of all the events involving San Marino, of /tiítano/ and Radio Rising Network
at the Mole Vanvitelliana

6 June , 6 p.m. inauguration of the Biennial and the installations by: Viola Conti Admiral Point Center, Michela Pozzi Gente di Confine, Paolo Bartolini Radio Rising Network and /tiítano/ of little constellation
7 June, 11 a.m. workshop /tiítano/ a project for the Republic of San Marino devoted to the small States of Europe by Alessandro Castiglioni, with: Sigurdur Atli Sigurosson, Dustin Cauchi and Paolo Tognozzi, Viola Conti, Klaengur Gunnarsson, Teodora Nikcevic, Anna Hilti, Michela Pozzi, Fedora Saura, Daniel Arellano Mesina, Creative Gibraltar, Boryana Ivanova, Karen Le Roy Harris, Antoine Loudot, Simone Rastelli, Sale Superiori Library, Mole Vanvitelliana.

from Friday 7 June Radio Rising Netwok by Paolo Bartolini can be listened to at:
7 June, 9.30 p.m. concert Core by the Fedora Saura group, Corte, Mole Vanvitelliana
8 June 11.30 p.m., visual set with dj-set live Admira Point Center by Viola Conti, dj Roberto Rossi aka Cubi, Lazzabaretto, Mole Vanvitelliana.

In addition to the artists, the team from San Marino consists of:
Giulia Ceccoli assistent to communication for the projects /tiítano/ and Radio Rising Network;
Davide Farabegoli and Davide Pagliardini photographic and video documentation;
coordination and BJCEM representative for the Social and Cultural Activities Offices: Rita Canarezza, cultural operator Social and Cultural Activities Office.

For the latest info: and, mobile phones: 335 6509052 / 339 4963434