going beyond the countries’ art


11,12,13 november / 2005
antico monastero
di santa chiara
republic of san marino


How do artists and institutions of contemporary art from the small States of Europe perceive the new Europe? How is it possible to develop, starting from these specificities, new strategies for common cultural projects also involving European and extra European microrealities?

A meeting/workshop aiming at the dissemination of information and knowledge among artists and institutions of contemporary art from the small States of Europe: Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino. The objective is to start thinking how to create the right conditions for an open project. This must be also a physically open place where art can be exhibited and available for exchanges with other European and extra European microrealities.

We need to go beyond the concept of national art, and exploit the numerous critical and symbolic aspects of contemporary art, without loosing sight of any detail.

This is the first collective initiative of a research project started by the artists Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro by Nua new contemporary arts and research, with the support of San Marino Foundation. Over the last two years the promoters of this project visited these countries in order to analyse the aspects concerning contemporary art and understand how these specific geocultural microareas (many of which outside the EU) perceive and live their identity within an enlarged Europe, compared to the international context of contemporary art.

Finally, artists and institutions of contemporary art from andorra, cyprus, liechtenstein, luxembourg, malta, monaco and san marino had the opportunity to met and exchanged their views and experiences.

A first project among the artists is entitled video sensitive postcards - concepted by Agnès Roux - videos, realised especially for the occasion of the meeting, as a reaction to the project, including also video-interviews to: Yiannis Toumazis, Enrico Lunghi, Friedemann Malsch, Agnès Roux.

Pep Aguareles, Eve Ariza, Helena Guardia, Susana Herrador, Katerina Attalidou, Haris Epaminonda, 242 Group, Neshe Yashin, Hüseyin Ozinal, Achilleas Kentonis, Maria Papacharalambous, Gurgenc Korkmazel, Stephanos Stephanides, Lia Lapithi, Polys Peslikas, Barbara Bühler, Barbara Geyer, Martin Walch, Aniko Risch & Duosch Grass, Tanja Frank, Roland Quetsch, Austin Camilleri, Jaume Simo Sabater Garau, Mark Mangion, Pierre Portelli, Teatrutramm, Thomas Negrevergne, Sandrine Flury, Agnès Roux, Pier Giorgio Albani & Lorella Mussoni,
Rita Canarezza, Pier Paolo Coro, Lattoscuro

Representative Institutions
Joan Pujal Laborda, Ambassador of Andorra (Andorra)
Louli Michaelidou, Cultural Services - Ministry of Education and Culture (Cyprus)
Kentonis & Papacharalambous, ARTOS Cultural and Research Foundation (Cyprus)
Friedemann Malsch, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)
Enrico Lunghi, Casino Luxembourg Forum dart contemporain (Luxembourg)
Francesca Balzan, The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts (Malta)
Agnès Roux, Association le Logoscope (Monaco)
Gaddo Morpurgo, University of San Marino IUAV Venice (San Marino / Italy)
Gemma Cavalleri, Ufficio Attività Sociali e Culturale (San Marino)
Francesca Michelotti, Modern Art Gallery (San Marino)

A Project Supported by

Republic of San Marino
Under the aegis of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent

Secretariat of State for Foreign and Political Affairs
Secretariat of State for Cultural Institutes
Secretariat of State for Finance Budget and Research
Office for Social and Cultural Activities

Sponsored by
San Marino Foundation
Cassa di Risparmio della Repubblica di San Marino S.U.M.S

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